About Us

Our Background

Our business began in 1986, and in the time since, we have established ourselves as the UK’s foremost temp and recruitment agency for fashion, beauty, luxury retail, and hospitality. 

Our core values are rooted in delivering the perfect talent for each role. We believe that developing and investing in individuals underpins the very best customer service experience. And we believe that for a brand, finding the right talent for your roles should not be a source of stress.

That’s why we specialise in aligning aspirational talent with opportunities from the biggest premium and luxury brands. We understand what it takes to craft a unique and memorable luxury customer service experience, and we endeavour to deliver perfection every time.

Thanks to three decades of building relationships and delivering value at both sides of the recruitment process, we are uniquely positioned to offer candidates business in a number of prestigious professional sectors. Our specialities lie in fashion and beauty, healthcare, retail, and hospitality.

So whether you are just beginning your professional journey, an established, highly-skilled individual looking for your next chance to flourish, or a recruiter from a world-class luxury brand, BCB is here to help.

Our Mission

To identify the best talent, and to place these individuals in luxury roles where they will flourish. To deliver real, consistent value to the most reputable brands in the world, across the fashion and beauty, healthcare, retail, and hospitality sectors.

Our Vision

We strive toward a world where customer service talent is sculpted, aspirations are realised, and potential is fulfilled. A world where every customer’s luxury brand experience is defined by world-class service, delivered by the very best person for each individual role.

Our Values

We value passion, and we facilitate the process of aligning it with brands who embody luxury. We value determination, and believe in rewarding motivated and persistent individuals with roles that will let them flourish. And we value convenience: Finding or filling a luxury role should not be an ordeal.