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In light of a changing job market, more organisations are turning toward contingent resource as a way of delivering their strategic objectives. Our neutral vendor recruitment services help organisations to deliver by offering a scalable workforce built on talent and responsive to specific demands. 

We operate from a position of expertise and are sensitive to the ever-shifting demands of the recruitment sector. Our Vacancy Management System (VMS) is a modern and powerful technological solution which facilitates the smooth implementation of all processes through the recruitment journey. Combined with our extensive network of highly talented individuals - built and refined over decades - this ensures a pool of candidates well-suited to even the most niche roles.

On-site, our management team mediate between Client Site Managers and the contingent workforce we deliver. This single point of contact relationship brings all the benefits of traditional recruiting while whittling down many of the logistical challenges that typify ineffective recruitment solutions.

As a result, our neutral vendor solution is based purely on performance, and not cost. It is built on a strategic partnership with Gattaca PLC and will revolutionise the way organisations and candidates interact, with the priority being a streamlined and mutually valuable outcome. Find out today how neutral vendor recruitment can benefit you, whether you are a candidate or an organisation looking to recruit.

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Fashion & Beauty

Our heritage is retail recruitment, and over three decades we have refined and expanded our offering to cover sectors as far-reaching as finance, healthcare, fashion, and beauty. We know that the perfect candidate will flourish in the right role, delivering enduring value for both parties. This intersection between talent, passion, and satisfaction of commercial objectives is where we thrive, and our track record stands as a testament to this.

We operate at the very forefront of the recruitment sector, striving to bring cutting-edge technological solutions into harmony with decades of experience, to deliver value to our clients and candidates alike.

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