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“Inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more.” John Quincy Adams knew all about what effective leadership entails, and those values sit at the core of our leadership team. BCB is committed to helping the people we work with to achieve all of these things, and to reach their full potential.

The BCB leadership have decades of experience both at home and internationally, and we’ve distilled the insights garnered to build an industry-leading team.

Let us inspire you to be the very best you can become.



Leading now and in the future

If you want to grow and develop against the odds, let us show you the way. Let us help you on your journey toward realising your life’s vision.

Inspiring Vision

The history of BCB is a journey from strength to strength. We believe in leading by example, meaning that we’ll help you to do the same. 

Our by-words are growth, development, and positive change. In summer 2020 we acquired our fourth agency since September of 2019, and we’ve grown in Q2 of 2020, against all the odds.

Dedication & Commitment

BCB is proud to be a part of Europa Management Group Ltd, an organisation that owns four recruitment businesses, a care home, stakes in various innovative tech start-ups, and more. Our success depends on our belief that great things can happen when people come together, pool their resources, and work toward a common goal. 

By uniting around a shared purpose and committing ourselves fully to our objectives, we continue to achieve greatness.

If you also aspire for greatness, let’s talk about how you can become part of the BCB and Europa journey.

Get in touch to find out more about how our separate paths could become one shared journey.

Working with Europa

Our future success could be your future success, too. We are always looking to acquire further businesses and to work with business leaders who share our vision of effective leadership, dedication and commitment to common goals, and the realisation of our individual and shared potential.

If you fit into this category we’d love to hear from you, and to bring our decades of combined experience to the table with the view to succeed together.

Client Testimomial

“Andrew has been extremely helpful and fantastic to work with.  He is friendly and professional, due to my diary I sometimes could not arrange calls within working hours. Andrew was very understanding and did not mind speaking outside of normal office hours.  He also responds very quickly and provided very useful guidance, making the interview preparation very calming.  This has been one of the greatest experiences I have had with a recruitment agency.”

Jo - London

Employee Benefits

We are proud to offer industry-leading benefits that set us far apart from other recruitment agencies. Learn about what they are - and how they’ll benefit you directly - right here.

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Our flexible approach to recruitment is designed to best meet the needs and expectations of an ever-evolving workforce. Learn more about the benefits this can deliver to you.

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We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and tailor our training programs accordingly. Find out more about how our training can help you here.

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Get the latest BCB updates. Find out what we’re up to, and get the freshest industry insights on recruitment, work-life balance, training, development, and more.

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