What We do

Who We Are?

We are the UK’s premium recruitment agency for temporary business in fashion and beauty, healthcare, retail, and hospitality.

Three decades of experience and an expansive network of contacts in the world’s most prestigious brands position us perfectly to place the best talent in the best-suited roles.

We offer recruitment services for brands working in luxury retail and service sectors. Our extensive database of active employees across the UK means we can place individuals quickly and efficiently in roles where they will thrive. 

Our values define our mission, and our results speak for themselves. We have helped luxury brands like Harrods, Givenchy, Jimmy Choo, L'oréal, Giorgio Armani, and many more to realise their brand goals, and to deliver flawless customer experiences.

Our Sectors.

We are established in the fashion and beauty, healthcare, retail, and hospitality sectors. Our special interest is in fashion and beauty, but we are equipped to deliver success to businesses across these areas.

Our commitment is to placing candidates in the roles and sectors where their talent will deliver the most impact. We know what lies at the heart of a memorable luxury customer experience, and we pride ourselves on delivering a candidate to provide this on time, every time.

By investing time and energy into building relationships with a portfolio of the most prestigious brands in the world, and in gathering a roster of the country’s best talent, we provide unwavering value to individuals and organisations on both sides of the recruitment coin.


Our Services.

Recruitment is about more than putting somebody in a job. It’s about building and utilising a firm understanding of every aspect of an industry and procuring the very best candidate for each role.

It relies on identifying raw talent, and then, on providing an opportunity in which the talent can flourish.

Our services are built on these two simple concepts: A firm understanding of every industry we work with, and a real and honed ability to find the right talent for every role.

We have three decades of experience in talent acquisition, staffing and vendor solutions, and recruitment solutions. We are established in beauty, health, hospitality & leisure, finance, marketing, and many other areas.

Neutral Vendor.

We help organisations to select the best available candidate based on their needs.

Brands and businesses with a large and ongoing demand for flexible temporary staff need convenience and simplicity. Our neutral vendor services mean that rather than juggling several relationships, your business can enjoy the ease of having one point of contact. 

You retain control of how your brand is presented during recruitment, and have peace of mind of knowing that each role will be filled with the highest-quality candidate.

We believe that BCB stands apart from our competitors, thanks to the recruitment services we offer.

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